Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Out of Season???

Sunday night my daughter and I went to one of those home supply centers to get some patio furniture and a new BBQ.  I found a table and chair set I really liked the style of, athough it was just seating for four.  No problem, I'll get two sets and they can sit on either side of the patio door and look cute.  Had a real nice, young sales guy who went to check stock.  The only one left nationwide was their display model according to their computer system.  The reason?  They "opened" their summer season way early this year and it is now on to fall items!  I glanced around and, sure enough, there were actually a few Halloween items out!  So I ended up with display models (half-price, can't complain there) of that set and another set with a low table with a firepit and four chairs.  The only problem is -- they don't match!  Guess I'll check the fabric stores soon and try to find matching or at least coordinating fabric. They are going to sit on opposite ends of the yard so hopefully they won't look too bad out there in the meantime.  Delivery is this morning -- maybe my daughter will BBQ dinner tonight!  Remind me next month to pick up my Christmas cards and decorations!

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  1. Who'd have thought you couldn't get a summer item at the beginning of July? Maybe we'd better start shopping for Christmas decorations next week!