Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

Two more days and then back to work on Tuesday.  It has been busy during the time off preparing for Christmas, doing some much-needed things around the house, physical therapy appointments, and just life in general.  Yesterday I decided to get serious about getting some work done that I had brought home and stayed up until 2:30 this morning working.  One pile done, about four more to go.  I'm going to get busy in a few minutes as soon as my coffee is ready and start back in and try to work all day.  Tomorrow I'll go in to work for about six hours and hopefully after that there will be will a lot done and much less stress going back.

Then -- tomorrow night it will be time to start getting my 2012 quilt projects lined up.  There are a few unfinished projects that must be attended to first and then deciding what to start next.  Of course, there's always my current 12-month embroidery project and the GFG has been ignored for too long so those will be worked on while watching TV.  If nothing else, I hope to make this a productive quilty year -- no resolutions just dreams and goals!

I hope everybody has a health and happy new year.